Kiosk & Portable Instructions

Congratulation on the purchase of your new easyDonate Kiosk or Portable system.

Please follow the instructions below to setup your kiosk or portable device.




easyDonate Portal

The easyDonate portal is used to access reporting and to configure settings across all kiosks and portables. This can be used to configure text, amounts, gift aid etc. along with licenced features such as projects/donation types, member fees and student fees.


The username & password will have been provided to you by your representative at point of setup. Please contact us if you do not have this.


easyDonate Kiosk Assembly/Installation


Floor Stand Assembly Instructions:

Please watch the floor stand assembly video further below for instructions on how to assemble the floor stands.


Fixed Wall/Tabletop Installation Instructions:

Wall and tabletop kiosks are supplied complete and just need to be attached to a wall or tabletop.

  1. The base is attached to the wall or tabletop using four screws. Use the base as a template to mark holes to be drilled. Ensure a spirit level is used to align the holes otherwise the kiosk may not be level.
  2. Tabletop fixing: use the small black screws supplied.
    Wall fixings:
    please use appropriate fixings (not included) for your wall type. Fixing types will vary based on the construction of your wall. Please ensure the screw head fits in to the base and allows the base cover to be fitted correctly.
    An angled screwdriver may help with installation of the wall mount.
    Alternatively, it may be easier to partially remove the mount arm from the tablet enclosure to attach to the wall.
  3. Install the tablet ensuring the camera is exposed and power on. The camera must be visible for motion detection to work properly and for the screen to come on. Please watch the tablet installation video further below for instructions on how open the case and insert the tablet.


easyDonate Kiosk Configuration

easyDonate Kiosks are supplied fully configured. Simply connect to WIFI using the button on the login page to get started then follow the instructions below to change the PIN and customise to your requirements.


IMPORTANT: Change Default Settings Lock Pin

easyDonate settings are locked using a default PIN of 1234. It is important to change the pin, so members of the public can’t change settings or log the device out.

  1. With the device on the donate page, click the settings icon in the bottom left corner.
  2. Enter the default pin (1234)
  3. Click on “Settings Lock Options”
  4. Click on “Change Settings Lock PIN”
  5. Enter a new PIN then click Continue.
  6. Select “Start Taking Donations” to return to the donation page.


Change Reporting Name

Within the easyDonate settings menu on each device, you can set a name per device which will be shown on the easyDonate reports to differentiate which device is raising which funds e.g., Ground Floor Kiosk, Portable 1 etc. Select “Change Reporting Name” within the easyDonate settings menu on each device to set the name.


Select Your Home Page

If you have purchased the Student Fees or Member Fees module, by default, the donation page with amounts is shown and student/member fee buttons are shown discretely in the bottom right.

You can change the homepage from the default donations page to show Student/Member Fee options prominently on the homepage. To do this, visit the easyDonate settings menu on each device and select the “Set Home Page” option.


Configure Donation Settings/Fast Mode

easyDonate kiosks are supplied configured with all settings enabled e.g. prompt for transaction charges, prompt for gift aid, prompt for the receipt etc.

Whilst some of these options can be disabled across all devices via the portal, these options (and more) can also be disabled on a per device basis via the easyDonate settings menu. Select the Donation Settings (Fast Mode) from the settings menu and chose which options to disable.


Setup Multiple Donation Types or Student/Member Fees modules

If you have purchased additional modules, visit the easyDonate portal to setup your projects/donation types or student/member fees.


Change Colour Scheme/Logo or Rename Member Fees/Student Fees Module

To change the logo, colour scheme or rename the student fees/member fees modules (e.g. to Annual Contribution), please contact your easyDonate representative.


easyDonate Posters

Please use the links below to download posters which can be placed above the easyDonate Kiosks.


easyDonate Portable Setup Instructions

  1. On an Android phone or tablet, download the easyDonate app from the Google Play Store. Search for easyDonate in the Play Store or click the link here.
    You ONLY need to download the easyDonate app, NOT SumUp to take donations or fee payments.
  2. Open the easyDonate application and login using your SumUp employee details.
  3. Ensure the card reader is charged. The card reader can be connected via the easyDonate settings menu or you will be prompted when taking a payment.Please check the serial number on the back of the reader to ensure you connect to the correct card reader.


  • Your Android device must run Android 5 or greater (most Android devices from the last few years). Please note this is due to change to Android 8 or greater soon due to updates from SumUp.
  • Your Android device must have Google Play Store/Play Services installed.
  • The easyDonate software does not run on Apple devices.
  • Only one phone can connect to the reader at one time.


Assembly Videos


Assemble the V2 Floor Standing Kiosk

This applies to current Floorstanding Kiosks


Open the V2 Kiosk Case

This applies to current Wall, Tabletop & Floor Kiosks

Insert the tablet in the V2 Kiosk Case

This applies to current Wall, Tabletop & Floor Kiosks


Open the V1 Kiosk Case & Power On The Tablet

This applies to our original Wall, Tabletop & Floor Kiosks sold between February 2020 and March 2023

In partnership with Sumup