easyDonate Online

easyDonate Online

We also provide charities with a simple online donations page enabling them to take advantage of online donations via Stripe. Allowing for all major card donations, Apple Pay and Google Pay. easyDonate isn’t a middle-man and will not take a cut from your donations. We simply hook up to your Stripe account and make sure all donations go directly to your account. Our portal will give you access to our Gift Aids report generator which will make sure all your Gift Aid eligible donations are exported in the same format HMRC expect, saving you hours of time whilst making online donations simpler for your audience.

Do away with convoluted sign up processes and donation processes which only make it difficult for your audience to just donate to your cause. We currently have 25+ charities taking advantage of our online platform.

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Monthly Donations

Setup your online donations platform to take monthly donations, letting your audience simply sign up to donate to your charity monthly.


Unlike most donation platforms, we don’t take a cut of all donations processed through us. Instead we charge a setup charge of £50 and a fixed fee of £150 a year. This gives you access to your own donations page, our portal where you can see our reports and your Gift Aid reports. There are also a number of modules which you can choose to add on to your donations page.

Note all pricing excludes VAT.

Monthly Donations (+£25/year)
Let your audience sign up to hassle free monthly donations, providing your charity with a new fundraising stream.

Project Donations (+£25/year)
Provide campaign/project options for users to select when donating. An unlimited number of campaigns can be created.

Student Fees (+£25/year)
Enable your audience to pay their student fees online, making it easier for parents to pay. Up to 4 amounts/fee type can be preset along with a custom amount. Our reports will identify the name, address and class/reference of the student.

Member Fees (+£25/year)
Have a membership scheme for your charity? Let your members pay and renew online, making it less of a hassle for you to chase payment. Up to 4 amounts/fee type can be preset along with a custom amount. Our reports will identify the name, address and reference (optional) of the fee payer. The easyDonate app also collects gift aid details for eligible organisations.


Transaction Fees

easyDonate utilise Stripe to provide payment process for the easyDonate online solution. All payment processing is carried out by Stripe who process the transaction and send funds to your bank account once cleared. No funds pass through easyDonate systems.

Stripe charge a transaction charge of 1.4%+20p. However, the easyDonate system is unique in allowing the donor to optionally cover the transaction charge which means the charity receives the full intended donation amount.

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